Sweden will play France in the decisive match of the World Ice Hockey Championship at the Ostavar Arena in Ostrava. The game, which will start at 17:20 Kyiv time, promises to be an exciting encounter between the two teams.

Swedish national ice hockey team

The Swedish national hockey team is known for its disciplined play and technical skills. The team will enter the arena with a prepared strategy, aiming to dominate the ice and win a vital victory.

The Three Crowns (Tre Kronor in Swedish) players are experienced veterans and players who are starting their careers. They train intensively, focusing on both offensive and defensive actions to outperform their opponents.

The atmosphere at the Ostavar Arena is expected to be tense. Fans from both countries will gather to support their favourites.

The French national ice hockey team

France is determined to finish the World Championship. The team won’t be able to advance any further, but they could even finish in last place if Poland manages to beat Kazakhstan in their last match.

The French team is known for its speed and agility. The attacking players will try to use these strengths to challenge the Swedish defence. With a strong squad and several standout players, France is ready to give Sweden a fierce battle, but whether they will succeed is another question.

A victory for one team will still lift the team in the standings. A victory will boost their standings and morale, while a defeat may make it harder to advance in the tournament. Every goal, every puck, every assist, every play will be crucial, and the players will be aware of the high stakes, giving their all on the ice.

Sweden vs France match forecast

The match between Sweden and France is more than just a game. For the hockey players themselves, it is a demonstration of skill, strategy and national pride. Fans can expect to see a lot of offence and possibly some dramatic moments when these two hockey powers go head-to-head.

The nominal hosts are still favourites.

Main – over 1 (-4) in regular time for 1.88
Recommended – Tb 5.5 for 1.58

It will be recalled that Great Britain will play against Norway on 20 May in Group A.


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