Great Britain will play Norway at the O2 Arena in Prague on 20 May in Group A. This match decides the fate of both teams, as the result will determine whether they will remain in the elite.

Great Britain national ice hockey team

The British team is known for its steady and strategic play and will try to use its nominal home advantage and the passionate support of the local public. The team’s players have been training hard, focusing on improving their tactics and their game for results.

The British lost all their matches at the 2024 World Cup. They managed to compete with the Danish team and score three goals, but Team GB (the nickname of Great Britain) lost.

Norwegian national ice hockey team

The Norwegian national ice hockey team has a three-point advantage. With a history of strong performances in international tournaments, the Norwegian team will be looking to reassert their dominance and secure a decisive victory. Their players are known for their speed and accuracy, traits they will undoubtedly showcase in this crucial match.

The 2024 World Cup has not been very successful for the Norwegians. The team defeated Denmark, which is the only triumph for the Polar Bears (Isbjørnene is the Norwegian nickname for the team).

Prediction for the Great Britain vs Norway match

Great Britain has a chance to stay at the World Cup, but it is scanty. The team is losing in terms of goals scored.
The Isbjørnene hockey team is still the favourite. The team of the Swede Johansson Tobias will create more chances and is able to score more than 3 goals.

The game is based on Win 2 in regular time for 1.53

Recommended – Under 5 for 1.81


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